A Journey without a Finish Line

As we approach the Ironman World Championship in Kona this weekend, it is a really exciting time of year to hear more about all of our favorite pros.  I saw an interesting post from Jan Frodeno, who's going for his 3rd consecutive Ironman World Title, about his first Ironman in which he recalled having to walk 22 times during the marathon.  It hit me that most people would pack it up and say this sport isn't for me, that was a horrible race, and I'm never doing that again.

But it's about the Journey.

So many people I see are always worried about running faster, running further, placing in their age group, etc; they are just never excited about where they are at and what they have accomplished.  No one starts at the top, even the people like Jan who are at the top have been on the struggle bus and have had to go through their own journey to get where they are now.

I say enjoy the ride.

Many of us are not going to be competing for a World Championship anytime to soon, so why do we all get lost in trying to make every run the best?  I think we need to learn to enjoy the journey; enjoy each run, enjoy each turn of the pedal, and enjoy each session on the foam roller.  Have fun that you are improving yourself with each workout and that over time, with consistency and structure, you will get faster, you will run further, and I hope for each of you there are some age group podiums!

Just remember that even for a World Champion it didn't happen over night, and it isn't going to happen for you over night, so find pleasure in the suffering and keep having fun!

Kasey Palmer