Injuries Mental Finish Line

Some of the most challenging parts of being an endurance athlete is the mental challenge of missing a workout; life happens and at some point we will all miss a workout.  The important thing to remember is that one workout doesn't make or break your training, so move onto the next and let those miles go.  But what happens when you get sidelined for weeks or months on end with an injury?

You let those miles go.

Injuries are almost impossible to avoid, some of you may never have them, but at some point they will plague almost each and every person reading this post.  Some of them may be simple, take a couple of days off, enjoy the break, and get back at it.  Some of them are going to put you out and I hope that none of you have to experience it, but there are certain things I want you to remember.

There is always something you can do.

You have to learn how to adapt; maybe its more time on the bike, maybe its more time in the pool, maybe its hitting the weights more frequently, or maybe its simply controlling your diet to maintain your racing weight.  Whatever it is, there is something you can focus on to keep your mind moving towards a goal.  So learn to challenge yourself in a different way and keep pressing forward. 

You got there before the injury and you'll get back even faster.

You had the will and the grit to get there in the first place, just remember you are a fighter and that even injuries are part of the journey.  Take the time to reflect, recover, and come back even stronger.

Kasey Palmer | ITCA Coach | North Arrow Founder & Coach

Kasey Palmer