We offer comprehensive weekly training plans whether you are looking to stay fit and healthy or training for a big race.  We also have weekly group training sessions to create an in depth fitness community to help keep you motivated.


Monthly Coaching Services

Take a look at what you get when you sign up for our monthly coaching service:

  • Consultation

    • Health Assessment

    • Current Fitness level

    • Goals

  • Weekly Training Plans

  • Race Planning

  • Group Training Sessions

  • Communication & Follow Up

    • Email

    • Training Calendar - via

      Training Peaks

    • Phone

Free Consultation

Weekly Runs

Fun runs, coffee runs, or beer runs; we don't care, lets run!  Group runs keep people motivated, create an environment of friendly accountability, and strengthen our community.

Race Day

Nothing beats some race day shenanigans!  Plan out your race calendar with other North Arrow athletes and get the most out of each race day.

Pool Sessions

Sometimes the lonely pool sessions can be hard. Become part of the group experience and mix it up with stroke drills, sprint races, and camaraderie. 


Nothing is worse then being stuck in a rut, we like to mix it up with speed work, tempo runs, weight routines, cycle blocks, swim drills, fartleks, and good ol friendly competition

Custom Plan Creation

If you are looking for coaching for just one event, we can create a custom race day plan for you:

  • Consultation

    • Current Fitness Level

    • Goal Race

    • Event Type

    • Goals/Expectations

    • Initial Planning

  • Plan Creation

    • Athlete Review

    • Q&A

  • Follow Up

    • Monthly by phone

Custom Plan Creation starts at $50